Foundation Programme

If you are an international student who has finished their high school and hopes to enter a UK university, the CSC Foundation Programme is the ideal next step.

Our Foundation programme is accepted  by more than 90% of UK universities, as well as universities in Europe and the United States


    Our Pre-university Foundation Programme is:

    • one of the quickest and simplest pathways for international students to enter UK universities. 
    • accepted by almost all UK universities for the majority of UK undergraduate degrees. 
    • a well-established, effective, progression route, with a trusted reputation built over 40 years.
    • designed to help you with your Academic English, and teach you the study, research and personal skills needed to succeed at a UK university.
    Entry Requirements

    Minimum Age: 16-years-old

    Academic Level: Secondary Education transcript, High School Certificate/Diploma, IGCSE/GCSE or equivalent

    English Language Level: IELTS of at least 4.5 overall and in all elements, or its equivalent

     Visa: Visa nationals would normally have to apply for a Student visa. Shorter courses (maximum 6 months) can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa.

    Programme Content

    The Foundation programme is designed to prepare you for your university studies, and we can provide a programme to help you access almost any UK undergraduate degree, from Business Studies, to Game Design, from Art and Design to Robotic Engineering 

     Each programme consists of three core subjects, linked by your area of study. A Foundation in International Business would comprise business studies, economics and international relations, while someone hoping to study Engineering might study Maths, physics and mechanics. We can also be flexible with the subjects studied within some programmes. 

     A full list of the Foundation programmes and their core subjects is laid out below. 

     In addition to your core subjects you will also study Academic English. Almost all international students will have to pass an IELTS exam or similar in order to enter a UK university, and we help to prepare you for this. In addition, the Academic English component also ensures that you can get the most out of your studies, life in the UK, and demonstrate the full range of your knowledge. 

     During the course, UCAS workshops guide you right through the process of selecting and applying to study at a UK university and our TRACES course teaches you vital study and research skills, such as how to research, format citations  and construct essays effectively, as well as empowering you to give effective group and individual presentations. 

     The Foundation is usually taken over 6 or 9 months and while the key components are the same, the 9-month students also get the opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification. This not only hones your academic skills and subject knowledge, but is valued by universities and worth additional ‘UCAS points’. The more points you have, the higher the level of university and course to which you can apply. 

     Whatever your dream degree, we can build a Foundation programme to help you achieve it.

    Guideline combinations for Foundation Courses:




    Usually three choices from four
    Accounting Accounts Business Economics Other
    Ancient History Ancient History Int. Relations Politics Other
    Architecture Mathematics Mechanics Physics Art and Design
    Art and Design Art and Design Media and Communications Art History Other
    Biology Biology Mathematics Chemistry Other
    Biomedical Science Chemistry Biology Physics Mathematics
    Business and Management Business Economics Accounts Other
    Chemical Engineering Mathematics Chemistry Physics
    Chemistry Chemistry Mathematics Biology Other
    Computer Science Computer Science Mathematics Mechanics Physics
    Economics Economics Mathematics Business Other
    Engineering Mathematics Mechanics Physics Computer Science
    English Literature English Literature History Philosophy Other
    Environmental Science Geography Biology Chemistry Other
    European Languages French Spanish Italian Other
    Finance Economics Accounting Business Studies Corporate Finance
    Geography Geography Geology Biology Other
    Geology Geology Chemistry Physics Other
    Humanities Philosophy Classical History Latin Other
    ICT ICT Computer Science Mathematics Other
    International Relations Int. Relations Modern History Politics Other
    Journalism Journalism English Literature Modern History Other
    Law Law Politics Sociology Other
    Linguistics Linguistics Language English Lit. Other
    Mathematics Mathematics Mechanics Physics Chemistry
    Media and Communications Media and Communications. ICT Politics Other
    Modern History Modern History Int. Relations Politics Other
    Petrochemical Engineering Mathematics Mechanics Physics Chemistry
    Pharmacy Chemistry Biology Physics Mathematics
    Photography Photography Media Studies ICT Art and Design
    Physics Mathematics Mechanics Physics Comp. Science
    Politics Politics Int. Relations Modern History Other
    PPE Philosophy Politics Economics Other
    Psychology Psychology Sociology Biology Other
    Science Chemistry Biology Physics Mathematics
    Sociology Sociology Psychology Economics Other
    Statistics Mathematics Quantitative Tech. Other Other

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    Students take one exam during the programme and one exam at the end of the programme. All exams are arranged internally (re-sit available in the same year if required).